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Mosaic Tax Legal are some of the leading tax lawyers in Sydney. To understand and take advantage of available tax concessions and exemptions, contact us today.



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Mosaic Tax Legal is a Sydney-based law firm focused on helping clients with a range of State, Federal and international tax issues.


Mosaic Tax Legal helps accountants, other lawyers and end-clients across multiple industries deal with a variety of tax legal issues relating to their business, investments and transactions.


Mosaic Tax Legal is based in Sydney but services clients throughout Australia and across the world.

Tax Lawyers Sydney - FAQs

Do you offer legal and tax services across Australia?

Yes. Though Mosaic Tax Legal is based in Sydney, we service individuals and businesses throughout Australia and across the world.

As a leader among boutique tax law firms in Sydney, we service both Australian and international clients who need detailed and complex Australian tax advice. We can also advise clients on the GST Margin scheme and how to best use it for your business.

We use a variety of conferencing technology to support our clients in the way that best suits them. No matter where you may be in Australia or around the world, we will make sure you are well-supported and best-equipped to make the most of your tax situation.

What kinds of clients do you service?

Primarily, our tax lawyers in Sydney offer tax law expertise to accountants and other law firms.

When our clients need experts who are familiar with niche areas of tax law, that's where Mosaic Tax Legal steps in to assist with the services they provide to their own clients.

We also directly service end-clients across a variety of tax needs. Clients can include start-ups and SMEs, ASX-listed companies, property developers and SMSFs.

Many of our clients are Australian companies that are employing or expanding overseas and need a boutique law firm to advise them on the tax implications of this process.

Our tax lawyers in Sydney also service foreign companies employing or expanding into Australia, as well as individuals who are planning to or have moved to Australia.

Why choose Mosaic Tax Legal as my legal tax service?

We are a boutique firm that offers high-quality legal advice for clients dealing with complex tax issues.

If you need expertise in niche areas of tax law, turn to Mosaic Tax Legal as your tax lawyers in Sydney.

Our tax lawyers in Sydney focus exclusively on consulting for tax advice, drafting related transactional documentation and representing our clients in objections and appeals.

When you need specialist expertise for complex tax legal issues, turn to your lawyers at Mosaic Tax Legal.

If I have an accountant, why do I also need a tax lawyer?

Accountants and tax lawyers offer different services and areas of expertise. For complex tax issues, you may need to consult with both.

As your tax lawyer in Sydney, you are entitled to private communications that are legally protected.

This means that all advice and documentation between you and your lawyer cannot be disclosed to any third party, not even the ATO.