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People work incredibly hard to build businesses, invest capital and earn income. What matters to us is that our clients take full advantage of all available exemptions, concessions and benefits under the tax law to minimise or even eliminate tax in certain circumstances whilst maintaining a strong compliance position (that is, avoiding tax risk).


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Areas Of Expertise

Small Business CGT Consessions

The small business CGT concessions are designed to reduce the tax burden on small business taxpayers.

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Employee Share Schemes

Start-ups and SMEs can encounter difficulties in attracting and retaining key hires.

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Estate & Succession Planning

The small business CGT concessions are designed to reduce the tax burden on small business taxpayers.

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International Tax

The small business CGT concessions are designed to reduce the tax burden on small business taxpayers.

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Start-ups and SMEs can encounter difficulties in attracting and retaining key hires.

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The small business CGT concessions are designed to reduce the tax burden on small business taxpayers.

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Who We Are

Mosaic Tax Legal is a Sydney-based law firm focused on helping clients with a range of State, Federal and international tax issues.

What We Do

Mosaic Tax Legal helps accountants, other lawyers and end-clients across multiple industries deal with a variety of tax legal issues relating to their business, investments and transactions.

Where We Work

Mosaic Tax Legal is based in Sydney but services clients throughout Australia and across the world.

Small Business CGT Concessions

Are you a small business owner looking to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket? Small Business Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Concessions are your secret weapon for substantial savings.

That’s precisely what these concessions offer.

With expert guidance and strategic planning, you can maximize your CGT concessions, potentially saving thousands. Don’t let taxes eat into your profits; instead, use Small Business CGT Concessions to secure your financial future and fuel your business’s success.

Discover the potential savings today. Contact us to take full advantage of these valuable concessions.


Share Schemes: Motivate and Retain

In today’s competitive business landscape, retaining top talent and motivating employees is paramount.  

Share Schemes are the strategic solution to achieving these goals programs offer your workforce a stake in your company’s success, aligning their interests with your cultivating a sense of ownership, commitment, and dedication only fosters loyalty but also drives performance to new heights.,  and retain the best talent by implementing Employee Share Schemes, an investment in your team’s future and your company’s prosperity. 

Elevate your business with the power of shared success today.

Estate and Succession Planning

In the ever-evolving landscape of wealth and assets, safeguarding your legacy is paramount. Our Estate and succession Planning services offer you the peace of mind you deserve. With meticulous attention to detail, we craft tailored strategies to ensure your assets are preserved and distributed according to your wishes.

Our expert advisors specialize in navigating complex tax laws, minimizing liabilities, and optimizing your estate’s value for future generations. We understand that every individual and family is unique, and we provide personalized solutions that align with your specific goals.

Estate and Succession Planning

International Tax Services: Unlocking Global Opportunities

Navigating the complexities of international taxation is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s interconnected world. Our International Tax services are your key to unlocking a world of opportunities.

Our team of seasoned tax professionals possesses a deep understanding of global tax codes and regulations. We work tirelessly to optimize your tax strategy, minimize liabilities, and ensure compliance across borders.

Whether you’re expanding overseas, engaging in cross-border transactions, or seeking to repatriate profits efficiently, our tailored solutions will safeguard your financial interests and help you achieve sustainable growth. Trust us to transform international tax challenges into competitive advantages. Invest in success; choose International Tax excellence today.

Premier Properties: Luxury Real Estate and Investments

Welcome to a world of exclusive real estate opportunities where your vision meets luxury, and possibilities are boundless  At Premier Properties, we redefine the art of living with our meticulously curated portfolio of upscale residences and commercial spaces.

Our commitment to excellence shines through every square foot, from breathtaking penthouses to prime office locations.

Discover the epitome of sophistication, where architectural elegance meets modern convenience. Whether you’re seeking a lavish home or a strategic investment, we offer an unparalleled selection to cater to your unique aspirations. Elevate your lifestyle, invest wisely, and experience the true essence of luxury living with Premier Properties.” 


Trusts: Secure Your Legacy

Trusts offer you a strategic means to protect and grow your wealth, ensuring a legacy that endures through generations. With expert guidance, you can harness the power of trusts to safeguard your assets, minimize taxes, and efficiently transfer wealth.

Our team of seasoned professionals specializes in crafting tailored trust solutions that match your unique financial goals. Whether it’s revocable trusts for flexibility or irrevocable trusts for asset protection, we’ve got you covered. Trust in our expertise, and embark on a journey towards financial tranquility. Secure your future, one trust at a time.”

In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficiency and compliance are paramount. Enter Goods & Services Tax (GST), a game-changing framework that streamlines taxation and empowers businesses to thrive. GST simplifies the tax structure, unifying numerous levies into one, ensuring businesses focus on what they do best – growing.

Goods & Services Tax (GST): Streamlining Taxation

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, adaptability is key to success. We understand the pivotal role that strategic restructuring plays in achieving your commercial goals. Our team of experts specializes in redefining organizational structures, optimizing processes, and maximizing resource allocation.

Our tailored restructuring solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and position your business for sustainable growth. We analyze your unique challenges and craft a comprehensive strategy to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ultimately drive profitability.

Unlock your company’s full potential with. Embrace change, thrive on transformation, and ensure a brighter, more prosperous future for your business.


White Labelling Service: Elevate Your Brand

Elevate your brand and expand your product offerings effortlessly with our premium White Labelling Service. Unlock new revenue streams and gain a competitive edge in your industry by leveraging our expertise and infrastructure.

 Our seamless and customizable white labelling solution allows you to rebrand our top-notch products and services as your own, without the hassle of development, manufacturing, or design. You maintain complete control over the branding and pricing, ensuring a consistent and unique customer experience.

 Whether you’re a startup looking to launch quickly or an established business seeking to diversify, our White Labelling Service is your pathway to success.

Optimizing Duty and Land Tax Obligations

Unlock expert strategies to optimize your duty and land tax obligations. Our tailored solutions ensure you keep more of your hard-earned profits. Explore your options today with the best Tax Firm in Australia.



What are Small Business Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Concessions, and how can they benefit my business?

  Small Business CGT Concessions are tax incentives designed to help small business owners save on capital gains taxes when selling assets. By utilizing these concessions with expert guidance, you can potentially save thousands of dollars, allowing you to reinvest in your business and secure your financial future.

How can Employee Share Schemes benefit my company and employees?

Employee Share Schemes are a strategic tool to motivate and retain top talent. These programs offer employees a stake in the company’s success, fostering loyalty and commitment. It aligns their interests with the company’s, driving performance and dedication to new heights, ultimately benefiting both your workforce and your company’s prosperity.

What are the advantages of using trusts in financial planning?

 A3: Trusts provide a strategic means to protect and grow your wealth, ensuring a lasting legacy for generations. They can help safeguard assets, minimize taxes, and efficiently transfer wealth. Whether you need flexibility with revocable trusts or asset protection with irrevocable trusts, our seasoned professionals can craft tailored trust solutions to match your unique financial goals. Trusts offer peace of mind and financial security.

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