Who are we?

Mosaic Tax Legal is a boutique tax law firm based in Sydney, Australia advising individuals, businesses and investment entities across Australia and the world.

What matters to us?

People work incredibly hard to build businesses, invest capital and earn income. What matters to us is that our clients take full advantage of all available exemptions, concessions and benefits under the tax law to minimise or even eliminate tax in certain circumstances whilst maintaining a strong compliance position (i.e., avoiding tax risk, gst margin scheme etc).

What we do

We focus exclusively on tax advice, related transactional documentation and ATO/Revenue NSW reviews, objections and appeals.

The bulk of our work involves assisting accountants and other law firms in delivering tax advice to their clients, however, we also provide direct services to end clients including:

  • property developers;
  • property syndicates;
  • start-ups;
  • SMEs;
  • SMSFs;
  • ASX-listed companies;
  • foreign companies expanding into or seconding people to Australia;
  • Australian companies expanding or seconding people overseas;
  • foreign individuals moving to Australia (pre-arrival planning); and
  • Australian individuals moving overseas (pre-departure planning).

How we do it

We work under different engagement arrangements to suit our referrers’ needs, whether it is direct engagement with the end-client or our ‘White Label’ service. However, whether we are dealing with a referrer, an end client or a direct client, our process is as follows:

  • fact finding/document review (this generally includes an initial teleconference);
  • scope and quote (we work almost exclusively on a fixed fee basis to provide client certainty and comfort);
  • preparation of written advice and/or documentation; and
  • complimentary follow-up discussion (generally via teleconference) regarding any outstanding questions or issues.


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If you have any questions about our services or you just want to get in touch, please complete the simple fast contact form below and we will call you back as soon as are available.